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Landscape Conversations by Samantha Williams - Chapelsky

Exhibition Description 

As an abstract acrylic landscape painter for the past nine years, I have explored the Alberta Landscape and often find myself drawn to its simplicity of sky, horizon line and ground. This exploration has led me to years of inspired investigations of texture, light, tone and contrast.

Through this study. My work represents an ongoing series of self-portraits as anthropomorphized landscapes. These works reflect private dialogues that have influenced and changed my very being; often these discussions were implicit and silent.

As the landscape reflects these unstated exchanges, the clouds and ground echo, or contrast each other as opposing or allied elements.  I use gestural brushwork with thick abrasive textures to describe the words and vivid color combinations to describe the emotion or feeling within the conversation.

As a practicing artist, I am inspired to continue the landscape tradition but inject into each piece a sense of life and personality. I use a modern application of traditional and untraditional materials including Acrylic and Oil paint, Found objects and stone-based textures.  I am passionate about exploring this time-honored genre in a new light and strive to create unique works of art that represent a narrative or dialogue within a space.


Samantha Williams-Chapelsky completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Alberta in 2009, with distinction, majoring in painting and art history.

Samantha has been exhibiting her art extensively for the past 10 years, participating in over 50 exhibitions. Her paintings are included in numerous corporate and private collections.

Samantha is the Golden Working Artist for the province of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. She also works as an art instructor and lecturer, hosting workshops and sessions across Alberta.

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