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2017 Backstage Access Sessions

To register for the Backstage Access classes, click here.

Lighting 101 - 9:30 AM

This session covers the basics of theatrical lighting including each of the main conventional and LED theatrical fixture types from Spotlights, Floodlights, and Automated Fixtures. In addition, other topics include basic layout of theatre lighting locations and dimming and control topics.

Audio 101 - 11:00 AM 

This session provides an explanation of sound theory, how to use, speakers, amplifiers, sound consoles and more.  Learn about signal path, basic console operation and how to choose the correct microphone. A demo of a popular sound playback software will be demonstrated.


Developing a Safety Plan for you Theatre - 1:00 PM


Janet Sellery from Sellery Health and Safety will be focusing on the unique health and safety challenges that arise in live performance, she will guide you to the resources that can help keep your productions safe (and most of them are free). Join in to become an advocate for health and safety in your venue and learn to approach health and safety issues with confidence.

Digital Audio Consoles - Tips, Tricks and Virtual Sound check - 1:15 PM

This session will provide you with information on digital consoles, setting them up for ease of use, and some tips from the pros.  Demos of full rock band and an Opera will be used to guide you through the console functions, and to explain Virtual Sound Check. 

LED lighting – Current state of the Technology - 1:45 PM

This session includes a presentation and discussion on the current state of Led fixtures for the performance industry. View demonstrations of a number of LED ellipsoidal fixtures presented by manufacturers’ representatives, and view a side by side demo of the fixtures running a set of cues. Also discussed at this session, LED houselight solutions.

Creating a Performance Space - 2:45 PM

Scott Miller of DWD Design and Richard Schick of Schick Shiner will discuss the process of putting together a new performance space. Learn the steps that are taken to develop a working theatre.  If you are looking at building a new space, or renovating your existing space, don’t miss this session.

Advance Mic Techniques - 3:30 PM

This session will explain how to get the most from your audio sources, wireless and wired.   Mic types and pickup patterns, placement in relation to the sound source, and wireless antenna systems will be explained.  Learn how to choose the correct microphones for every application, and some tips on getting the most from your wireless microphones. Guest speakers from major microphone manufacturers will be on hand.

Fifty Shades of R80 - 3:30 PM

Fifty Shades of R80 continues the discussion of how stage lighting is changing with the advent of LED-powered fixtures. Additive color mixing gives designers the power to subtly manipulate color on a real-time basis. This session delves deeper into the nuances of color and presents examples of innovative control features that allow lighting designers to better handle the wonderfully variable — but sometimes non-intuitive — color capabilities of LED-powered stage lighting.

Church Tech FAQ - 3:30 PM

Join Dan Mandry (TD Mill Woods Assembly) and Tim Antoniuk (Production World) for a interactive session on all things church tech.  How do you budget?  What gear to use? How do you build volunteer teams?  How do you execute well?  All these questions and more will be answered as we explore the world of church tech together.  

Loud Speaker Showcase - 5:00 PM

During the final hour of the Backstage Access Technology Expo, we will be presenting our first Audio Showcase.  At 5 pm we will have a “show volume” demo with systems represented from E.A.W, JBL, DB- Technologies, Meyer Audio, Outline Loudspeakers, d&b Technologies and PK Sound.    Equipment demonstrated will include a wide variety of sizes and types of speakers, from the compact format to concert level systems.

The demo will take place in the main audience chamber of the Jubilee Auditorium during the last hour of the Backstage Access Technology trade show. This show has over 30 Audio, Lighting and Staging distributers showing the newest in performance technology.  

That's A Wrap Closing Reception 5:00 PM

It is time to wind down and connect with peers in the performing arts community with a closing reception. Join us in the main lobby for drinks and appetizers!


 CITT Sessions

Our friends at CITT Alberta have arranged some great sessions that will take place at the Jubilee before and during Backstage Access.  If you register for any of the CITT Session, you are automatically also registered for the Trade Show and the Backstage Access Sessions at no additional cost.

Scenic Techniques

CITT Alberta has arranged for Jenny Knott, a Paint Product Manager at Rosco to come and teach a 2-part course on various scenic techniques. Day 1 will be a general class on CrystalGel and other coatings that is open to all. Day 2 will be an advanced class delving deeper into technique where participants will create a stained glass window. As Jenny says “Bring on the goop and let’s get creative.” These classes will run on March 27th afternoon and 28th   morning. Each class will be approximately 4 hours.   

Day 1 only cost is $20.00 plus fees, please register for this class through registration. Limited to 15 participants.

Day 1 & Day 2, Advance Class. $35.00 plus fees. To attend this Advance Level class, you must request an advance class registration password from here. This fee includes registration for both days. This class is limited to 12 participants.


ETC Console Training

CITT Alberta and their presenting partner Theatre Alberta along with WOW Lighting are bringing ETC professional trainers to town to teach two different console training sessions. There will be a mid-level session focusing on Enhanced Skills and a second session will be a masterclass in Busking for Live Entertainment. These will be held on March 26th and 27th respectively.

To register for these classes please go here.