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These are discussion topics from the previous Roadhouse Roundtable. We look forward to continue the discussion at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in March 2016.

9:30 - 10:00 Breakout discussion

1.   Temporary power hook ups, safety, and the legislation surrounding it

2.   Maximising the value of our on line communities  What is the current state of things, where do we go from here?


Volunteers  “do you have regular volunteers for front of house?  How long do they work, tasks and how do you thank them?

Do you have a paid Front of House Manager?”

4.   Web streaming, cell phones and our evolving audiences

11:00 - 11:20     GROUP DISCUSSION


``As it has come up a few times recently I think a great topic for the roadhouse happening later this month would be hours of work. Current Alberta legislation dictates that employees can't work more than 12 hours inclusive of breaks. So if you start at 8am you must end at 8pm regardless if you have no breaks or 2- 1 hour breaks.

This has been code for a number of years but only recently has code changed to make the individual representing the employer (and not the just the employer's legal corporation) responsible and liable for these rules.

Clearly they make many of our industries current work days pretty impossible. While there are a host of built in exemptions, none apply to live entertainment or film/theatre work. The closest is extras in a film but it only provides for extras not for the other workers.

BC currently has turnaround rules and dictates minimum payments for working excessive hours. Ontario has maximum hours worked but built in variances for film/theatre practitioners. Ontario also has automatic opt-out if covered by a collective agreement that says differently. There is a process in place in Alberta to get Director's approval for a specific change. Some lawyers I have spoken with make this sound like it is something they offer but never actually approve.

Have any venues in Alberta dealt with this, is an exemption with qualification practical to achieve? What sort of industry wide movement would be needed to keep every theatre from having to apply separately'?``

11:00 - 11:20     Breakout Discussion

6.   AGLC Roundtable Discussion

7.   Health and Safety Roundtable Discussion

8.      TOOLS AND TOYS: Open discussion about equipment and gear

9.      RESOUND and SOCAN

Possible Session Topics:

These are sample topics that come from our previous discussions and from people’s responses to the invite. They are a starting place for us to choose the topics of the day. Please add to this list, and suggest a topic for group discussion, a breakout session, or for a future meeting.

Backstage and Event Security

-           Multi Use Facilities

-           Public Buildings

-           Access and Egress

-           Staff and crew identification

Front of House Staffing Requirements for renters   

-          How do things change between presentations, rentals and in house productions?

-           Is there a time when this is not needed?

Insurance and workers compensation – Truth Myth and Misunderstanding

-       Story of WCB in Southern Alberta

-       What are people doing?

-       Common misconceptions.

The art of advancing shows: From booking to the stage

-          Creating a communication system that includes everyone

-          Getting the right contacts from the beginning.

-          Reading Riders

-          How do things change between presentations, rentals and in house productions?

Health and Safety in the Road house: Who’s responsible for what & and how to create a management system that works when your workers and clientele change every day

-          Prime contractor?

-          Crew, and artist safety orientations.

-          Hazard assessments for every show?!?

-          How does the audience fit in?

Managing client expectations: How do we help clients help us in achieving their goals?

-          Asking the right questions

-          When to say no

-          Policies and standards

-          Does a bad show or group reflect on the venue?

Avoiding the “House-tech Syndrome”: how to keep the staff motivated and open for the clients most important show in the world, when as a tech, you already had the most important show in the world yesterday, and have another one coming in tomorrow.

-          Creating a work environment where your staff stay motivated

-         Pitfalls of communication

Booking and scheduling: Everyone has different software / processes

-          Software favorites

-          Can we do more in advance?

-          Multi-room facilities

-          Other resources

Resource sharing: Can we achieve more by helping each other out

-          What is happening?

-          What should happen?

-          What works and what doesn’t?

-          How do we avoid the bigger entities, being expected to always provide?