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It's all at the Jube...

That is not just a tag-line. In fact, the Jube is a world class facility; home to the Alberta Ballet, Calgary and Edmonton Operas, Ukrainian Shumka Dancers and hundreds of other shows every year. Shows like Broadway musicals, rock shows, modern dance, graduations, cultural celebrations and church services. It's an amazing variety that brings in audiences of over half a million people every year.

And did you know? We also offer brilliant, rich, vibrant community programs; public parties, school programs, lifelong learning and other community partnerships that bring the building to life. In all of our programming we are guided by the goals and priorities of the Ministry of Culture; promoting access, awareness, and engagement of the broader Alberta community in arts activities and in the Jubilee.

To achieve this goal, we focus on three important factors. Generative: we keep our focus on the long term, and the relationships. We nurture a passion for arts in youth so that they become adults for whom art is an everyday occurrence and who feel comfortable in these historic and potentially imposing facilities. We work to create a sense of ownership; to demystify art for youth and create adults with an investment in art. Diversity: we value everybody. We want to open the Jube up to everyone, regardless of socio-economic, race, ethnic or cultural background. Our Community Engagement programming is free or of minimal charge. We offer diverse programming with an over-arching foundation in the arts. Access: we believe in creating many points of entry to the arts and to these facilities for as many people as possible. Our public events are interactive and multi-media celebrations usually inclusive of some hands-on art play. Our rotating art exhibitions allow artists throughout the province to show their work in our buildings, and to celebrate that work with their friends and families. School programs and lifelong learning seminars invite students of all ages, from youth to seniors, into the building for arts education and classes.

These programs, our wonderful Main Stage shows, and a gorgeous facility – it really is all at the Jube.

From the Jubilee Society: Vision and Values:

To engage, excite and celebrate community and cultural spirit through Alberta's Jubilee Auditoria

We value partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships with our community. We appreciate the value the Resident Companies and other community, commercial and not for profit clients and community stakeholders bring to the Jubilees and look for ways to enhance these relationships.

We value arts and cultural learning. We offer accessible and exciting community learning opportunities that engage the community with arts and cultural experiences. We ensure that the Alberta Jubilee Auditoria play a positive role in enhancing the relationship between arts and culture and the communities we serve.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism:
Ministry of Culture and Tourism mission, through the continued implementation of Alberta's cultural policy, The Spirit of Alberta, is to support and strengthen vibrant, inclusive communities and ensure there are opportunities to share, express and experience culture in Alberta. Culture and Community Services works with other ministries, other levels of government and nonprofit and corporate stakeholders to create and sustain the conditions in which culture can flourish.

Cultural Policy:
The Spirit of Alberta ensures Albertans have the opportunity to share, express and experience culture in a province that respects the past, celebrates the present and welcomes the future.

Our vision is an Alberta where all citizens feel a sense of belonging and pride and participate in cultural and recreational activities that reflect their diverse heritage and enrich their lives.